Distillery Edition No.4 (David’s Cask)

Distillery Edition No.4 (David’s Cask)

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Alc/Vol: 53.2% 

The first of the Distillery Edition series to be available online, No.4 is an Oloroso sherry finished expression bottled at 53.2% ABV.

The Tullibardine Distillery Edition series is an exclusive range of single cask bottlings sold exclusively at the distillery. Each cask in the series is picked by a team member, starting with the longest serving employees.

No.4 was handpicked by Distillery Manager, David Myles who’s been with Tullibardine for 17 years. David can uniquely say that he mashed, distilled and filled the spirit that he selected from 2005.

The final maturation in an Oloroso sherry butt has produced a deeply rich malt, in both the darkness of the liquid and complexity of flavour. Honeyed fruits marry sweet vanilla, citrus and baked apples on the palate with warming spice and luxurious fruity notes lingering gently on the tongue to finish. A bar of dark chocolate pairs perfectly with this sherry bomb dram.

Includes branded leather bottle bag.